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Friday, July 24, 2009

This must be some of that diversity I keep hearing about

Remember this nonsense?
Living in integrated communities means having neighbors from all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and of various beliefs, providing the opportunity for deeper and more varied experiences that will prepare us and our children for the mix of people that makes up this great country and for the interactions of the global economy. We believe it is the right of us all to live in healthy, diverse communities and that we all deserve to benefit from the richer life they bring.
I think I'll pass on the "richer life" these 4 little creeps bring.

The animals were from Liberia. What a wonderful place. Why did we bring them here?

From the article:
Phoenix police Sgt. Andy Hill, a longtime public-information officer, described the case as "one of the worst crimes we have come across in Phoenix in quite some time,"
Probably the worst crime since the last bunch from Liberia moved into the area. You can see the true quality of these people in this next little bit:
Arizona Child Protective Services took custody of the girl after the July 16 incident at the apartment complex after her parents disowned her.

Hill said the parents blamed her for being victimized and bringing shame to the family.

I guess they are expecting extra handouts because they didn't stone her to death on the spot. I think this incident and the parental response are enough for me to say "No more immigrants from Liberia!" We have enough trouble without this kind of thing.


The Other Mike S. said...

... refugees from war torn Liberia...

Great. So we're paying for these maggots to live in our country.

We import rapists and pay for their room and board. Great plan.

Bitmap said...

Don't forget we'll soon be paying for healthcare for them, too.


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