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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colorado!! What's the matter with you!?

Back in the old days being a bum was no fun. Nobody wanted to be a bum and everyone tried their best to avoid it. Now, things are different. It's like we try to make being a bum so nice that everyone will want to do it.

Now, Colorado is going to join 16 other states in offering free cell phones to people on welfare. I guess that's so these people can arrange to meet the guy they buy drugs from or something.

Where does the money come from?
The money — more than $800 million in subsidies were paid last year for low-income phone service across the country — comes from the Universal Service Fund, a tax on all telephone lines. Of that amount, Coloradans received nearly $3.2 million in low-income subsidies.
More info:
TracFone's subsidized program, called Safelink Wireless, gives users at least 68 minutes of free cell service each month — in Colorado, it would be 83 minutes — and unlimited access to 911 service even if the minutes are used up.
I thought you always had access to 911 service. Am I wrong?

What about the phones?
Users also get a free Motorola phone worth $50, according to the company's PUC filing. As long as subscribers are on the welfare rolls, they get the phone subsidy.
The next thing you know they'll be complaining because their free phones aren't camera phones.

This is funny:
Critics question the cellphone idea, mostly pointing to malfunctions or user error that could create a problem in an emergency.
I guess I'm the only one criticizing them for having this program at all.

The nation is going bankrupt but at least the people on welfare have cell phones.


Anonymous said...

When I read things like this, I just feel tired. If people have such lack of judgement, how is there any hope for improvement in what is becoming more and more of a Third World scenario for the U.S.

I don't see any positive way out when incidents of this kind of asinine behavior are taken as "the norm."

The Other Mike S. said...

$800 million taken from people to pay for phone service for others. That sickens me beyond belief. Phone service is an essential need? How did the country ever manage before it was invented?


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