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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Suspected NK cyber attack on US government websites

I'm waiting for the President to appologize to the North Koreans for making them upset enough to do this.

From the article:
Two government officials acknowledged that the Treasury and Secret Service sites were brought down,
Too bad they didn't take out the websites of the Department of Education(sic), the BATF, or the "strip-search Grandma"division of the TSA.

Apparently the sites that were targeted were the public sites where you go to get contact phone numbers, etc. We might even have unknowingly assisted in this:
An initial investigation found that many personal computers were infected with a virus ordering them to visit major official Web sites in South Korea and the U.S. at the same time, Korea Information Security Agency official Shin Hwa-su said.
This could be the NKs practicing or testing some new toy. A cyber attack could be serious. Imagine if the systems of banks were attacked and 50% of the bank accounts out there had their balances significantly changed or frozen. Imagine if a significant proportion of credit card accounts were compromised and suddenly every balance in the country was increased by a random amount. The ensuing chaos would be bad news for the economy.

For that matter with the rumors of bank holidays in the future imagine the result of an attack like this shutting down bank websites over a holiday weekend like Labor Day. Wouldn't that be the perfect day for communists to give us a zinger. Rumors would start flying about bank accounts being frozen and the websites would be down. Not good.

Now I'll go put on my tinfoil hat.


Anonymous said...

Obama is long on talk and short on action when it comes to anything besides foisting off his socialist philosophy on the country. Foreign enemies who can't be screwed by signing executive orders, he has no clue how to deal with.

Bitmap said...

Hermit, since foreign enemies don't like America either I'm not sure he wants to deal with them.


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