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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And you thought the 4473 wasn't a registration form

Or they really are watching you.

I thought everyone realized that people in the US are not arming the drug cartels in Mexico but the nonsense just won't stop. Of course the batf wants to justify it's existence so you have to expect this sort of thing.

Here is a challenge for anyone that believes those weapons are coming from the US: Go to Walmart, Dick's, Academy, or whatever is the closest store to you that sells firearms. Tell them you want to buy a real AKM, full auto, just like they've been selling to the drug cartels. When they tell you to go pound sand you should ask for some RPGs. When they give you the finger then ask for a real M60 with at least 10k rounds on belts.

When the manager tells you to leave I suggest you do.

Of the firearms confiscated from the cartels less than 10% come from this side of the border. I've never seen the numbers but I'll bet of that number more than 90% are stolen and most of those are stolen by illegals.

I've seen lots of pics of real military weapons confiscated from the cartels. The kind that are imported from Pakistan and have fun switches on them. I've seen a bunch more pics that looked a lot like the kind we give to the Mexican Federal Police. The number $400 million sticks in my mind and that's a lot of real M16's, not semiauto ARs that you can buy at Academy. I read that about 85% of the members of the Mexican Federal Police have ties to the drug cartels which makes me wonder how many of the firearms our government sends to Mexico are "lost". I'll bet members of the Mexican military have a similar association with cartels.

Here is a bit that I just don't believe, especially without any source listed:

All told, Mexican officials in 2008 asked federal agents to trace the origins of more than 7,500 firearms recovered at crime scenes in Mexico. Most of them were traced back to Texas, California and Arizona.

I can easily believe that Mexico would request that many traces because guns are illegal in Mexico and the trace doesn't cost them anything. For a start I would like to know how many of those were reported stolen. How many were actually confiscated from drug cartel members and how many from other people? Lack of details usually indicates something is fishy about the numbers.

From the article:

“An angry ex-girlfriend or wife is the best person in the world, the greatest source of information,” Sloan said.
I'll bet. Those are really reliable sources of facts.

Here is another little bit:

Another tip took agents on a 30-minute drive from the shack to a sprawling home with a pool in the back and an American flag out front.

It turned out two handguns, of a type drug gangsters prefer, were bought by a pastor for target practice.

Some stories, they say, are hard to believe.

I guess they can't tell us what model handgun they are refering to because it is classified G14 Top Secret. "of a type drug gangsters prefer" is a steaming crock.

Why is it hard to believe that a pastor would be interested in target practice? Haven't they heard about people carrying guns in church?

One last little piece:

The lamest so far came from a police officer: He said he bought a few military-style rifles, left them in his car and — on the same night — forgot to lock a door. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t file a police report or why he visited Mexico the day after the alleged theft.

What is lame about that? I read every week about cops that do stupid things. They are human, too, and like any humans they sometimes do stupid things.

I'll admit that sounds suspicious to me, too. Maybe they should spend more time and money watching the police, especially the Mexican Federal Police.

One other thing I'd like to say about this is why don't we close the border? It would solve so many problems. If the Mexican government would help close the border they wouldn't have this "huge" problem.


Paladin said...

For such a short news story, they sure crammed in alot of different things that irritate me.

Not the least of which is a reminder that apparently they don't make "reporters", any more. It seems they are all editorial columnists now.

Bitmap said...

At least I openly admit to being biased. Most of what I do is point out things from the media and government spokesmen that I think are wrong or just stupid. That puts me in the category of editorial drivel spewer.


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