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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cucumbers FTW!!

I don't know what kind they are. They taste wonderful. We slice them up fresh for a great side dish with almost any meal.

ETA: I found out they are Armenian Yard Long Cucembers. Actually, it is not a cucumber but a type of melon. According to this site it is an heirloom variety. I didn't know because we bought them at Walmart.

I guess we'll see how they do next year.


Anonymous said...

I like fresh cucumbers with garlic salt and vinegar.

Paladin said...

I'm overcome by an unexplained feeling of inadequacy.. :)

I know it doesn't work the same way with cukes/melons, but I can remember eating dinner at a friend's house years ago. He had grown a garden for the first time ever, and was very proud of the GIGANTIC okra that he had his wife fry up for us. Stuff was the size of a big green maglite...

Of course, it was like trying to eat a tree limb at that size. He tried to blame it on his Wife not seasoning them properly :)

Bitmap said...

Paladin, these are soft and sweet even at 24"+. I like it when better half peels them and slices them. The kids and I eat them as snack food.

We've made that mistake with okra, though. I read about a couple of heirloom varieties of okra that are supposed to stay tender even when they get big. We are planning on getting some seed from those varieties for next year. I'll have to look that info up and post it.


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