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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Stands for the Rabbit Cages

At long last I made the time to build stands for the rabbit cages so we can get the little furry food supplies off the porch.

Here are the two kinds of rabbit cages we have. The bucks are in two square cages. The home made roundtop cages are slightly bigger so that's where we put the three does.

I've been replacing the porch columns and removing the old porch rails, so I started with some of this.

I added some extra wood and ended up with this.

This one will hold the two males and one female. I plan to put the bucks over the parts with a number of cross pieces and the does on the parts with cross pieces only on the ends because the bucks have trays under the cages to catch their droppings and the does don't. I'll put something on the ground under the does to catch their droppings for the compost pile.

Here is a second one under destruction. It doesn't look quite as nice. The 2x4s on this one had warped more and pulled away from the vertical bars. The bars were installed with 3 to 5 long wire brad type nails each and are a real pain to remove so I just put long exterior wood screws in through the 2x4s on each side to hold them. they look bad but they aren't going anywhere.
Yes, the board on the far corner is warped. I don't think the rabbits will care.

We aren't quite finished with them. We need to add a roof and sides to it to protect the bunnies from sun and rain. We also need to paint the frames since they are mostly white wood.

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Rhino said...

Looks like a good start keep it up , Mine are quite tasty & worth the effort


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