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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As if we didn't already have enough idiots in government

Now Mr. Conductor wants to run for congress.

Isn't Alec Baldwin one of the goofballs that said he would move to France if GWB was elected President?

He didn't keep his word on that so why would anyone expect him to keep his word on anything else?

The people who would vote for him don't care about things like integrity and honesty. They just care about how much the government will steal from others and give to them.

Heaven help us!!!


Dr. Dave said...

He didn't leave because there was too much money for him in doing "30 Rock." He'll run for Congress (or, as one rumor has it, for governor of Ohio)...because there will be too much money in it.

Bitmap said...

How about we get him to run away.

Tar and feathers would improve his image.


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