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Friday, July 10, 2009

I'll bet his wife kicks his rump over this one

At least he didn't have his hand in his pocket when they took the picture.

At least he wasn't ogling another man.

She was 16 years old. Let's watch and see if the President schedules any trips to places with a low age of consent.

Here is a funny article.
So who was the lady in red who caught the eye of Obama - or should that be O-BUM-a?
That's funny. It's ok to laugh at America when something like this happens. If Joe Biden is like the nations alcoholic uncle that we bring out for entertainment at parties to watch him put a lampshade on his head then the President is sort of like the nation's lecherous uncle who has two legitimate children and twelve that we know of out of wedlock.

One article described him as "getting Yankee Doodle randy."

I gave this guy credit that he would hopefully be a little less embarrasing in that way than Bill Clinton but I may be wrong.

News articles keep saying that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy was watching her bum as well but from the pic it looks to me like he is laughing at our President.

The next time the President goes to the negotiating table on some foreign policy issue I know what the coffee server will look like.


The Other Mike S. said...

You know how I feel about this scum bag. I hope he rots in hell for what he'd done/doing to this country.


The picture is not what it seems. I saw the video of what was going on. He was helping a bunch of young ladies up to a stage of sorts. That picture was snapped at the perfect instance.

I'm sure the video will be all over the news and elsewhere, as the Barry Corps run to protect their guy.

THIS time, it appears as though he's innocent...

Bitmap said...

You've ruined it for me.

If it turns out to be an out of context pic then I'll apologize here.

Wyn Boniface said...

Well at least she is pretty from the back unlike what Clinton picked. LOL

Wyn Boniface said...

Well at least she is pretty from the back unlike what Clinton picked. LOL

The Other Mike S. said...

Sorry! When I first say the picture, I just laughed out loud. Then I saw the video, and it LOOKS to be innocent.

Still, I hope people keep running the picture...

What is the saying? "The longest journey starts with a single step" - something like that. Anything that can be put in people's mind about a lack of trustworthiness works to our advantage.

Bitmap said...

A funny aspect is that this is that since Bill Clinton this is expected behavior for a democrat President.

Imagine what the pictures would be like if it were President Barney Frank.

Now I want to go gouge my eyes out with a keyhole saw.

Paladin said...

Yeah... thanks for that mental image.

Anonymous said...

Even if he was peeping out her rear end, it's hard to blame him for that. I would have looked, too.


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