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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another chicken cage

We started another chicken cage today. We need to finish the door and hang it and finish the wire on the front and back. It is the same design we used before.

Each time we build one we are a little quicker and more efficient. That's a good thing because we need about three more. I've got to start hitting craigslist and freecycle to find something for free that we can use for shelter for the birds. We have doghouses for two of them and a square trash can about the same size as a 55 gallon drum for the third.

I've got to figure out a place for this one. Actually, I've got a good place with two cedar trees about 15 feet apart. With the cage between them there will be a tree to the east and one to the west so I'll just have to put a small sun shade over the very center of the cage. The problem with that spot is that I have a bunch of old junk like pieces of old horse-drawn equiptment and old planter boxes and plow parts piled in there that I'll have to move. I've seen enough wasps in that area that I know there is at least one nest hidden in there. These wasps are the big, aggressive ones that build nests inside of things. They aren't peaceful and forgiving of being disturbed like the kind of wasps that build nests under the eaves of your house. From what I've seen of these things they act a lot like hornets. I hate to get into that stuff in the summer but other than the wasps it is the ideal spot. Maybe I could hit the whole area with Seven Dust and see what happens.

Wish me luck on that.

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Anonymous said...

Mine just roost in trees. Tough on them in winter , especially in an ice storm but they live in a Holly tree that still has leaves year round.


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