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Friday, May 1, 2009

More chicks

13 hatched and 1 breaking out of it's shell. It's been in there a while. Some of the other chicks turned it over so the hole was down and I think the critter was having trouble getting out. We rolled the egg over so the hole was up. The chick has opened the hole up a little more but still hasn't gotten out.

Starting with free range eggs I don't think it's bad to get a hatch rate of almost 50%. I don't know for sure that they were all fertilized and I don't know how long the eggs may have set out before we got them in the incubator. We'll give it another day or two and see what we have.


Anonymous said...

In a clutch of 13 or so eggs, we usually have about 4 that never hatch. Of those that do, two or three are weak and will not survive unless essentially raised by hand.

Bullseye said...

Same here. Lucky to get 30% raised to adulthood. I do best by keeping them in a cage and raising them that way, usually have them all to live that way. It's a little more work but worth it.

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