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Monday, May 4, 2009

The 14th chick

The 14th chick was stuck in it's shell. It had a hole in the shell and everything looked good but I think another chick turned the egg over so the hole was on the bottom. When we noticed we turned the egg back over but hours later the chick was still in the shell. We could hear it peeping and could see it moving so we knew it was alive but it seemed to be in distress.

We decided that we would have to help the chick get out of it's shell. I used a pick to break bits of the shell and split the membrane to get the chick out

Part of the membrane and the tube that connects the chick to the yolk had dried out and were stuck on it

The chick was also very weak and had more trouble walking than the other chicks did when they hatched. We worried that the other chicks would peck this one to death so we kept it in a box by itself for a while. It was apparently lonely because it made more noise than the other 13 combined.

I picked it up and held it in my hands and that made the little critter happy because it fell asleep. I saw a moth flying around a lamp and smacked it down and fed it to the chick. Funny to see a chick that small going after a bug.

We tried putting the next smallest chick in with the little guy but they started pecking each other. Then we tried putting two chicks in with him and that worked until the other chicks found out they could get out of the little box so the little guy (my wife and I called him "Stuck") was alone again.

When he would get lonely and start peeping my wife would say "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" and I would go pick him up and hold him and that would quiet him down. It's hard to do anything when you are holding a chick in your hands.

After a day the stuff from the egg that was stuck on his back and leg finally fell off and we finally put him in with the bigger chicks. He is doing fine now. I can still put my hand in the box next to him and he will get on my hand so I can pick him up. After watching this some of the other chicks will do the same.

The kids call this little guy "Gilligan" because he's my little buddy.

I also have to show the pic of our "Chinese Chick".

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