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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NY Daily "News" on AR for Sarah Palin

I use the term "news" loosely in the title.

Here is your link.

From the article:

The rifle is chambered in .50-caliber "Beowulf." It's the same caliber used by heavy machine guns, which can take down big game, and in war zones "can disable both motor vehicles and assailants with body armor," according to ammo manufacturer Alexander Arms' Web site.
I know it's a stretch for a reporter, especially one from NY, to actually write something accurate and truthful. The .50 Beowulf is not used in any machine gun I'm aware of, although if you have an NFA registered lower I think the upper would work on it. The .50 Beowulf is not used in any heavy machine guns at all. It is not the same as a .50 BMG. It can certainly "take down big game" and it can probably "disable . . . motor vehicles" if you hit them right. The ability of the .50 Beowulf to " . . . diable . . . assailants with body armor" is debatable. I guess it really depends on what kind of armor you are referring to. Level II, sure. Level IV, don't bet on it. Of course if you hit the assailant through one of the arm holes it would work fine, just like any other caliber. I'm not sure what difference it makes if the vehicle you are trying to disable is in a war zone or not.

My conclusion is that either:

1. The "reporter" is an idiot and either too lazy or too stupid to spend a few minutes checking the truth of what he is writing.


2. The "reporter" is intentionally writing untruths for the purpose of pushing an agenda aimed at personal disarmament.

Most likely both.

I'm surprised that the "reporter" didn't have a conniption fit over the fact that the rifle has a Vltor Emod stock on it, which has storage compartments for batteries. How about the evil "Ergo" grip with a hidden storage compartment in it? Or the diabolical EOTECH sight commonly used by the military and police and designed to make shooting quickly in low light easier. And don't forget the nasty looking flash supressor with the little points on the front.

This article is just one example of the lunacy written about this rifle.

I kind of like the .50 Beowulf myself. Maybe someone will give me one, too.

I wish I had a NY Daily "News" so I could line the box my chicks are in. That seems to be the best use for it.

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theotherryan said...

I had to do a bit of research but it is what I thought it was. Basically this round is almost identical the the .50BMG out to 150 meters. Believe it was invented with Coast Guard boarding teams in mind. Great for punching through all the metal that is on ships.

King Cong on cocaine could not shoot a .50BMG AR.


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