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Monday, May 25, 2009

North Korean Nuclear Test

This is just wonderful. Another article here. At least the President thinks this is cause for "grave concern".

This could end up concerning lots of graves. What are the chances that NK would transfer one or more of those babies to terrorists for use in the US? Hopefully small, but nobody knows what might be going on inside the heads of those leaders. With our open boarders it would be fairly easy to get one inside the US. It would be even easier if they had access to a ship.

Blowing a nuke in a city in the US would be a disaster just about beyond imagining.

Between North Korea and Pakistan there are plenty of bad scenarios to imagine. I hope that the President's foreign policy moves go better than his policies at home do.


Anonymous said...

North Korea has consistently sold weapons to anyone with cash, including it's knock off of the Chinese silkworm which it furnished to Iran. North Korea also engages in dope smuggling and counterfeiting on a massive scale. They have a missile now that can reach the West coast. I don't think there's the slightest doubt that they would supply any enemy of the U.S. with a bomb, perhaps even gratis. The other issue is the failing health of the Glorious Leader. If he sees he's about to go, what's to keep him from cutting loose on the U.S. and assuring his place in history?

Wyn Boniface said...

I do not know perhaps the monster that is China will eat them first.


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