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Friday, May 22, 2009

With all the talk about nationalizing things, how about . . .

. . . socialized car insurance?

"Everyone will pay" and all that sort of stuff. Just think about the possibilities.

With socialized car insurance all the illegals that drive without insurance or a DL would be covered.

Drunks wouldn't have to pay high insurance rates. That would stimulate the economy.

Young guys (and girls) with 4 wreckless driving tickets would have to pay for high risk insurance. That would stimulate the economy.

All those nasty insurance people would be out of work. That wouldn't stimulate the economy, but it would make a lot of people feel better.

Why stop with auto insurance? How about socialized home owners insurance? The government will end up owning the banks and making the home loans so why not have the government insure the risk on the homes as well?

Isn't this a great idea? The government could hire a whole army of new employees (in the government employees union, no doubt) to do stuff like examine your car or home for damage, make estimates on the value and the cost of repairs, and handle disputes.


Disputes would go something like this:

Homeowner: A storm came through last night and blew the roof off my house. I need a new roof.

Government Adjuster: I see that your roof is gone. However, your house isn't very energy efficient. You don't have enough insulation or a radiant barrier. Your heating and A/C units are 5 years old. You are wasting too much energy in your home. We can't put a new roof on it until you fix these issues.

You can bet the farm that the guy down the street that also works for the government would have that same problem. The same goes for the guy that contributes enough to the campaign fund of the right elected official.


Another great possibility for more government interference in your life: The government could refuse to pay for a new bumper because your car is too old and makes too much pollution. What if you have one of those right wing extremist bumper stickers? Forget it, you caused the wreck, you need to pay up.


The more I write about this the more I scare myself. Sure as death and taxes some idiot in congress will think this is actually a great idea.

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