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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Turkey

James is one of those men that could have been a fighter pilot if eyesight was all that mattered. He could see quail on the ground under a mesquite tree 100 yards before anyone else could. He could read a license plate at a greater distance than most people could tell what color the numbers are. So it's not a surprise that when James and his son-in-law were out hunting deer James saw some turkeys several hundred yards away in the brush.

It was getting on towards sundown and they hadn't seen any deer so James said "Why don't you shoot one of those turkeys so you don't have to go home empty handed."

His son-in-law said "Ok" and resting his rifle over the hood of the truck he aimed and fired.

James said he was rather impressed when a big old tom fell over dead, about 300 yards away.

They went and got the bird and cleaned it and headed for home. On the way James started thinking about what a great shot that was and told his son-in-law how impressed he was.

The younger man looked sheepish and said "You know, that wasn't the bird I was shooting at."


Humble wife said...

LOL!Here in NM we sell turkey feathers for $3.00 a piece...perhaps you may look into something like this?
New Mexico Preppers

Bitmap said...

Humble wife, at that price I've got at least $300 worth in my garage right now. Let's work out a deal.

Bullseye said...

I find turkey feathers everyday here. I have a gold mine and didn't even know it. lol Love the story Bitmap, classic.

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