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Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Chicken Tractor

I had an old set of shelves that I think was damaged in the last move. They were just sitting around rusting. I thought several times about throwing them away but I always thought I would eventually find a use for them.

I figured it out this weekend.

One set of old metal shelves. Some odds and ends of lumber and screws. Some leftover mesh from rabbit cages and other stuff. Mix well. Instant chicken tractor.

I opened the doors so you can see my wonderful handiwork. I mounted one of the old shelves on the bottom to set a waterer on. I used another for a sun shade.

It turned out a little too short for adult chickens, but it will make a nice place for the oldest chicks while I build something bigger. I may use it for a chicken tractor for Bantams, or I may mount it on some old sections of landscape timber and 4x4 to raise it up enough for big chickens to stand in without hitting their heads.

This is the best kind of recycling.

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