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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lack of progress on handloading

I haven't mentioned loading ammo for a while for a good reason - I haven't had time (or made time) to load any. I was sick with something towards the end of last week and didn't have any energy to get out there. I've got several boxes of 7.62x51 cases that are sized, deprimed, and the primer pockets decrimped. They are waiting to be trimmed. When I say boxes I don't mean 20 round boxes like you buy at Walmart. The boxes I refer to are closer to moving boxes. A ton of cases wating to be trimmed.

Did I mention that I hate trimming cases?

This would be a terrible task with a manual trimmer. Even with a power trimmer it is tedious. Trimming each case takes long enough to get boring but not long enough to do anything else. Once the trimmer is adjusted the procedure is to put a case in the clamp, turn on the trimmer, and wait for the sound of the motor to change so you know the case is finished. It takes anywhere from 1 second to maybe 5 or 6 seconds for each case. Sitting and listening to that motor go "rrrrrrorrrrrrrr, rrrrrrorrrrrrrr, rrrrrrorrrrrrrr . . . " is almost enough to drive me over the edge. I could turn on a video but I would either start watching it and quit trimming or I would mess up and cases that weren't trimmed enough would get in the pile to be loaded.

It could be worse. I might have to use a manual trimmer, or I might not have any cases to trim. I guess on the whole I've got the best situation here.

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