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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My better half was running the mower a week or so ago and she said it started squealing and smoking so she shut it down. I've had to replace 2 out of 3 mandrels on the mower deck when the bearings seized up so I figured that was the problem. Sure enough the blades were stuck in place so I ordered the parts online. When they came in I went out to swap the mandrel assembly and was surprised to find that wasn't the problem. Fortunately I found out before I took the old assembly off.

It turns out that she ran over a soccer ball and it stuck between the blades and the deck. I forced the blades backwards and the remains of the ball fell out. I guess it was an old one that was flat and it must have been hidden in the high grass.

At least I have the parts on hand for when that last set of mandrel bearings goes out.


Anonymous said...

I hate screwing around with lawn mower blades. Ever so often, I'll pick up some bailing wire or hay bale string and have to clear it out, but I'm always consumed by an illogical fear that somehow the blade will kick back and chop my arm off.

Bitmap said...

Rule number one for working on lawn mowers: Disconnect the spark plug.

It's not a 100% solution, but it's pretty close.

My riding mower has a drive belt so I can disconnect the blades from the motor and not worry about that problem.


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