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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Australorp Chicks Arrived

They arrived yesterday in good shape. We ordered 10 pullets and 5 cocks. They included 2 extra chicks in the package. I will guess that is another pullet and another cock. We plan on keeping one cock the hens and putting the rest of the cocks in the freezer.

I've never seen this kind of chick before. They look like little penguins.

We ordered from Cackle Hatchery. Their minimum order is 15 while most online places require a minimum of 25. They claim they ship the chicks when they are 1 day old but these little ones already had some wing feathers on them. I would buy from them again if, especially if we didn't want a 25 bird minimum like the other places I shopped. They emailed an order confirmation that said they would email us again when the chicks shipped, but we never received the shipping notice. The post office called at 7:00am to let us know they were in.


American Prepper said...

Wife has the same chicks...Black Australorps are ideal, they make good meat chickens and good layers

theotherryan said...

For a second before I got that it was chickens I though you were talking about some strange stuff I have never heard of.


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