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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Census Community Survey form

Here it is as a pdf.

Isn't this a lovely and expensive bunch of nonsense?

Where exactly in the Constitution does it authorize the census to include questions about how much you pay for your mortgage, what fuel you use to heat your home, what kind of education you have, how many times you've been married, if you have a mental condition that causes you serious difficulty remembering, what time to you leave for work, what time do you get to work, how much money you made last year, when was your house built, your race, or any of the other stuff on this "mandatory" survey?

A question asks if you have any trouble bathing (I wonder about some people) but there is no question about difficulty emptying your bowels or flushing the toilet. They probably just don't want to hear from people saddled with post-ban algore toilets.

Note that it does not comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

I know this thing isn't new. It's just so ridiculous that I get upset over it every time I see it.

How much money is being wasted on this?

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Ron Russell said...

The more the government knows about your personal life and habits, the more power it has over you. Those in government make out the census forms and the reasons for the questions asked comes from that mentality. Haven't you realized, "they know whats best for you and yours". Thanks for the visits today to my blogs.

Putting you on my main blogroll at "TOTUS" and also on my lesser blogs at "Totus Blog" and "Politely Patrician". I don't put a great deal of work into the last two, but I am putting forth a serious effort at TOTUS. I like your blog and your directness.


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