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Thursday, May 28, 2009

So the Supreme court nominee is a member of laraza

Isn't laraza a sort of acorn for Spanish speakers?

Here is your link.


Wyn Boniface said...

No it is a racist organization akin to the other pogrom squads KKK, Black Panther, list goes on . . .

Bitmap said...

I thought acorn was racist organization.

theotherryan said...

It is a racist organization for sure. Do you have a link to something with her name on it saying she is a member?

Bitmap said...

theotherryan, check my latest post.

Anonymous said...

Wyn is exactly right. La Raza is a Hispanic supremacy organization dedicated to the principle that all the parts of the United States taken from Mexico will be "reconquered" by asserting Hispanic power, both the ballot and the gun barrel, to remove the Gringos and establish a new Hispanic nation.

Ron Russell said...

Yes, in many ways Laraza is the latino equalivant of ACORN. And don't be surprised next year when acorn comes knocking at your door with the census form. The demons in Washington turned down a request from the Faternal Order Of Police to help, but acorn--well thats ok. The world is being turned upside down.

Found your blog in a round-a-bout way of a preppers widget I recently installed on my site. Visit me sometimes at TOTUS. I strongly support the second amendment and I'm a former hunter--to old to hunt any more, but have wonderful memories of my days in the woods--no greater feeling than touching nature and yes, puting meat on the table. Food you harvest yourself is better than what you get at any five star dining spot. I'll never forget my first squirrel, my first turkey and of course my first buck. Although, those events are years removed I could go back to the exact spot today. Think you know what I mean. I still have my first 22, an old J C Higgins purchased through the Sears catalog, with money I earned picking cotton on my grandfathers farm at $.02 a pound. Sorry didn't intend to get carry away with my old memories.


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