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Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 chicks hatched, at least 1 more to go

10 total are out of their eggs. At least 1 more egg has a hole in it where the little critter is trying to get out.

7 were out when I took the pics. Numbers 8, 9, and 10 got out while I was downloading so there are only the first 7 in these pics.

Here they are in the incubator.


Angela said...

Nice job! They are adorable! And pecker's not such a bad name once you get used to it . . . :)

Paladin said...

Congrats! Cigars all around :)

Third picture down in the incubator pics. Looks like the little guy has a flashlight inside the shell with him/her.

First thing I thought: "Holy Crap... Bitmap's raising tactical chickens" :)

Bitmap said...

Paladin, I thought the same thing. I think the light is the rangefinder on the camera. My wife took the incubator pics before I got home so I'm not sure.


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