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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I wonder if I can pick up one of these at Cabela's?

Seems the Mexican police confiscated an M2 Browning from the Mexcian drug lords. They announced that it was a US made machine gun. Whoooo-Hoooooo. Does anyone doubt that it was "lost" by the Mexican military?

Even Mike Vigil, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s former chief of international operations, was able to figure this one out. According to the article "Vigil suspected the weapon belonged to the Mexican military, but was obtained by corrupting military officers." Do you think, Mike?

Also from the article "Mexican government officials have said repeatedly that if the U.S. government wants them to curb the northward flow of drugs, America will have to curb the southward flow of weapons." Easy solution to that - we stop selling and giving military weapons to the Mexican police and miltary.

"The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as Texas firearms dealers, say the big gun could have taken many paths to the drug traffickers, including having been bought on the military black market." COULD have been bought on the black market!? Are you kidding? Does anyone, even Nancy Polosi, actually think people buy real M2s at Cabela's and Dick's? This must be some version of the so-called "gunshow loophole" that I haven't discovered yet.

"The gun could be used to shoot down an aircraft if mounted correctly." So could a slingshot. Honestly, how can one idiot reporter pack so much nonsense into one article? Did he go to a journalism school (sic) that offered a minor in stupidity? I'm surprised the parrot of a "reporter" didn't repeat the one about using the M2 to shoot down satellites from orbit.

I actually saw a pic in the news the other day of an "arsenal" that was confiscated in Mexico that might have come from somewhere in the US besides the transfer of military weapons from our government to the Mexican government. This "arsenal" was three over/under shotguns. My guess would be that they were stolen in the US, probably by illegals, and made their way to Mexico when some coyotes went home.

I'll say it again for the slow people out there: You cannot buy a real M2 in a gun store in the USA. When you can find a legal NFA registered M2 for sale you can expect to fork over about $24,000 for one, give or take, depending on the exact model, accessories, etc.

I'm sure that some guy went to an NFA dealer, did all the BATF paperwork to legally buy that M2, paid the big bucks for it, then stuck it in his trunk and drove it into Mexico to sell it to some drug runners. If you believe that then you need to put down the crack pipe.

Here is the link so you can read it yourself. Be sure you have a trashcan handy for when you puke.

LWM stupidity continues.


Bullseye said...

I pretty sure my WalMart is out of stock on these. LOL Crazy bunch of reporters. They only know what they read or have been told, no real life experiences for those kinda folks.

riverwalker said...

Academy was fresh out of them when I checked but they still had a "pink" 10/22 in stock!



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