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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conversation with a liberal

I was talking with a woman who immigrated here from China (legally, no less) and became a US citizen. She supports socialized medicine and other big government wealth transfers. At least she admits that coming from China she is used to big government. She says "I just want guaranteed health care when I retire."

I tried to explain to her that providing her own health care is an obligation she has. I also told her that when she says "I want _____________." what she is really saying is "I want the government to force someone else to pay for __________________."

I don't think I convinced her. The idea of personal responsibility seemed strange to her. The thought that she should be ultimately responsible for her own life, health, safety, education, and retirement was beyond her.

I did learn that some people actually think the government can manage things better than the free market. That's amazing to me.

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