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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Great Day

Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (who is planning to challenge Perry in the next election) are trying to outdo each other. Both question the federal power grab and pork pies that are coming out of Washington, D.C. It's nice when the argument is over who wants to restrict the federal government the most. I don't think it will last, but I will enjoy it while it does.

Link to the story in the Dallas Morning Snooze.

Some of the things Rick Perry said will definitely get him on the "right wing extremist/terrorist" watch list at the DHS.

If this Tea Party movement keeps growing then you can bet Perry will be thinking about the U.S. Presidency. He has signed improvements to the Texas concealed carry laws, so he probably can't be marked off the list for a stance in favor of personal disarmament. Love him or hate him he has gotten in on this on the ground floor.


Paladin said...

I've had my problems with Perry in the past - mainly in regard to the whole Trans Texas Corridor cluster-F. I'm really liking his bow-up against the Federal power grab, though. I couldn't get off work yesterday to save my life, but I really wanted to attend one of the Tea Parties.

Bitmap said...

Paladin, I'm with you on the TTC.

I'm not coming out in support of him particularly, but I like the new debate - "I'm more against a big federal government than you are . . . " and that sort of thing. That's far better than a contest to see who can raise taxes the most or who can bring home the biggest pork pie.


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