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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some very slight progress

I've been too busy with family things to catch up on my chores much.

I did get out last night and pick up some wire mesh for rabbit cages. My better half is supposed to pick up a buck and a doe Californian White today. This weekend we are supposed to pick up another buck and three more does. I've got to get busy with the cages.

I also picked up some wood to start building the new chicken cage/tractor. My plan is to have a cage 8' x 8' with wheels on it so I can move it around like a big chicken tractor. We'll see how that works out. I'd like to have three or four of them and put them on each side of the garden to try and reduce the insects a little. I think we have enough coyotes to make free range chickens a losing proposition.

If I ever get these things built I will post pics.


I finally got most of my once fired 7.62x51 brass sized and the primer pockets decrimped. I used an RCBS primer pocket swager. One of the little hand deburring tools will work, but the problem with them is the little curls of brass that come off when you do that. I'm currently set up in the spare bedroom so I don't want to make a mess.

Now, on to trimming. Most of these seemed to have been fired in something with a very sloppy chamber, and when I sized them the case length grew a lot. Max length is 2.015", and these were around 2.045". When you are just trimming a few a hand trimmer works fine, but if you are trimming a bunch you really need a power trimmer. I've got the RCBS Trim Pro and it seems to work well. Since this operation produces a lot of little brass shavings I'll be doing it in the garage.

Reloading is therapy for me. Most of it is fairly simple, repetative tasks that in the end produce a useful product. You can also see yourself making progress.

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