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Monday, April 13, 2009

Eye stuff to have with you

I made a comment on someone's blog (I don't know which one) about this and thought I'd post it here.

I usually wear contacts. I carry a spare set of glasses with me. I keep them in a hinged clam-shell type hard plastic case to protect them from being broken or mashed out of adjustment. I also carry an empty contact lens case and several sealed tubes of Refresh Tears in the glasses case.

As far as glasses go, I recommend getting ASNI spec prescription glasses. They have heavy duty frames and thicker polycarb lenses to protect your eyes. They tend to stand up to use and abuse better than non-rated frames.

You can also find the really inexpensive frames and lenses and get several pairs of them. If you really need corrective lenses then you can't have too many pairs. Both the ASNI rated glasses and the very inexpensive glasses are available online and from your local store.

Save your old glasses for spares. You might even see if you can drop off a pair at a close friend or relative's house that lives nearby. I also keep a spare pair of glasses in each of my family vehicles, and one at work. Hopefully, if I ever need them at least one set will be available.


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