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Monday, April 27, 2009

Food when you are sick

I'm not referring to food that will build up your immune system or help you avoid the flu or stuff that will be easy on your stomach. I'm referring to stuff that requires little time and effort to prepare.

You may not like stuff like Poptarts, frozen waffles, canned biscuits, crackers, or frozen microwave dinners, but if you and your spouse are both sick at the same time and neither of you feel like getting out of bed to put some calories into your system then those items may be something to consider. Frozen dishes of leftovers that you can heat in the microwave are another option that is probably tastier, healthier, and cheaper.

I had pneumonia a few years ago and it knocked me out. Sitting up in bed was an effort and walking to the bathroom seemed like a 20 mile run. Even after the medicine cleared everything up I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. If I'd been alone or my better half had been in the same shape then getting food to regain my strength would have been difficult if everything had to be made from scratch. Having something that you can eat with little or no prep time is a blessing in that situation.

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