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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Status Quo "unsustainable"

Oh my.

From the article:

Obama, who described health costs as the "primary driver" of the federal deficit, said the country will spend $1 out of every $5 on health care within the next 10 years if the government does not mandate reform.

If the government get's involved in this the way many people including the President want then the country will be spending $2 out of every $5 on health care within the next 10 years. I could be wrong. It could be $3 out of every $5.

What difference will that make when the printing presses are running 24/7? Probably not much. This will just accelerate the bankruptcy of the nation and put our children and grandchildren further in the hole.

Here is a disturbing, but not surprising part:

"If any bill arrives from Congress that is not controlling costs, that is not a bill I can support," he said, adding that coverage for uninsured and underinsured Americans should be a right, not a privilege.
Should be a right, not a privilege!!!? What is he talking about? Did I miss that in the Constitution? Maybe that is included in Amendment 3 1/2? It's probably an emanation from a penumbra.

Here is a news flash Mr. President:


When a lefty says that something should be a right what they really mean is that they want to make someone else pay for it. Everyone has a right to buy health care. Nobody has or should have an obligation to pay for health care for anyone else.

On the "it would be funny if it wasn't so sad" side of things:

"If private insurers say that the market place provides the best quality healthcare, then why is it that the government is suddenly going to drive them out?" Obama said.
Why doesn't the President enlighten us as to why the government would like to drive private insurers out of the market? Because he knows that the American people wouldn't like the answer.

The answer is that the President wants to inject the government into every aspect of our lives. Some people in congress LOVE big government and want it to grow. More government power means more power for them. The same goes for government employees in all kinds of alphabet soup agencies that would benefit from this sort of thing. There will be armies of new government employees to oversee this kind of program and regulate everything from what kind of treatment you can get (depending on your age, the amount of taxes you owe, and who knows what else) to how many boxes of tissue you are allowed to buy when you go to the drug store. Here are my thoughts on the power of government and corruption.

Ultimately, there won't be drug stores as we know them today. There will be government run health care distribution centers. Remember the stories about the Soviet Union where people stood in line for hours to get a bar of soap? That is what the health care industry will be like when the government runs it.

Here is another bit:

A sweeping bill unveiled in the Democratic-controlled House last week is being weighed in hearings that got under way Tuesday. The draft legislation, written without Republican help, would require all Americans to purchase health insurance and would put new requirements on employers, too.

So they want to force everyone to buy insurance. Well isn't that nice. If someone refuses what will the government do? I guess throwing them in jail and providing health care for them would be the answer.

The "new requirements on employers" sounds scary. As Shaggy Rogers once said "I don't know and I don't want to know!!"

Here is a good one:

Looming large is the question of cost.

No kidding. However, with a national debt as big as the one our children face I'm not sure anyone will notice the difference. When everyone owes 200% of everything they earn in their life then I don't guess another 50% will matter.

One last bit:
Initial estimates had Senate plans topping $1.6 trillion over 10 years, and senators are working to scale back. Curbs on Medicare and Medicaid spending are assured, and a range of taxes are under consideration, along with the possibility of fees on employers who don't cover their employees.

"Curbs on medicare and Medicaid spending" means "rationed health care and employing low quality medical staff".

" . . . a range of taxes are under consideration" means that the government wants the authority to tell you what to eat and drink and wants to require you to exercise.

" . . . the possibility of fees on employers who don't cover their employees" means loss of jobs, reduced pay, more businesses going bankrupt, and more government employees to monitor and regulate businesses. I guess the people who lose their jobs because the small company they work for can't afford them can get productive jobs with the government.


Ron Russell said...

The final health care vote, will be exceedingly close, no matter what emerges. The democrates will have to hang themselves, no one else can do it.

Wyn Boniface said...

Let them choke from their broken sewage system. Seriously after what I watched last night about everything falling apart there are more pressing concerns then buying off more grasshoppers.


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