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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The government caused the mortgage crisis and now they want to do it again

So soon? I thought even Barny Frank's memory would be longer than this.

We got into trouble when the government started pushing mortgage companies to make loans to people that had a high probability of defaulting. After the SHTF on that little fiasco the standards were tightened. Now just a short time later we are going to loosen the standards again? Say it ain't so!!

There is no hole do deep that the federal government won't try to dig it even deeper.


Paladin said...

Its the classic disconnect between what they do in an attempt to "help" people, and the actual result of those actions. There's just no way, in their minds, what they do could have negative affect on people, the economy, whatever - so, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary, the real cause of the problem MUST be that they just didn't do enough.

So they rub their hands together, cackle a bit, and scamper off to ruin more peoples lives.

Bitmap said...

You are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The basic foundation for being elected to office is to have a crisis to solve. If you don't have a crisis then you have to create one.

I think many people in congress want to create a crisis just so they have something to solve.

Sort of the ultimate solution in search of a problem.


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