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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Job for our Master

Our "Special Master of Compensation" to be exact.

Here is the link to a story about the latest attempted atrocity.

Now the President has decided that it isn't enough to decide who will be the executives of private companies when he has never even run one. Setting the salaries of the executives of banks that the government forced to take TARP funds isn't enough either.

Now the socialist in chief wants to control compensation for executives at all financial institutions.

This is completely out of hand. Chavez must be jealous. Even FDR didn't dream this big. The founding fathers of this nation must be spinning in their graves.

Laugh now about "evil" and "greedy" people getting what is coming to them. Your job and your salary will be next.

How would you like some bureaucrat to decide how much your job is worth? Imagine the woman at the counter in the driver's license line at the DMV deciding your salary.

We're all going to get it good and hard before this is over.

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