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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AG wants a new "hate crimes" law

Is he on drugs? Why don't we just outlaw murder instead? Oh, wait, we've already done that and there are still murders. So the answer is to create special categories of people worth more than other people and make longer jail terms for perps if they kill a person in a special catagory. That idea is a messed up as a football bat.

Here is the link to insanity.

This is just another attempt to increase the power of the federal government and inject the federal government into lower levels of government.

I've got a much better idea. Why don't we drop the whole idea of "hate crimes"?

When a person is murdered it makes no difference if the perp called the victim bad names or wrote bad stuff about them on a website. Murder is murder.

Giving the federal government more power will not make everything better.

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