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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boniface was asking about poison ivy

So I thought I'd post a few pics. Here are some samples I found around my place. You can see the groups of three leaves.

This tree had a bunch of poison ivy growing around it. I killed the ivy with Roundup. Roundup is good stuff but you often have to spray a second time because the ivy will grow up from the roots and you often don't get all the roots on the first application. Don't worry or complain, just spray the shoots when they come up and you will get rid of them pretty soon.

This is a bush like variant. The poison plant is growing like a round bush in front of the tree. If you look towards the lower left corner you can see some of the leaves in groups of three. I think it is called poison oak, but I'm not really sure. It has the same configuration with leaves in groups of three. It tends to grow up like a tree and likes to grow out in full sun while the ivy version usually grows in partial to nearly full shade. I've seen this type grow up to 5 feet high. Very nasty stuff.

My rule for poison ivy is that if I'm not sure I don't touch it and I spray it with Roundup. After the plant dies I don't touch it for at least a year.


Wyn Boniface said...

I do not have ivy in the backyard. It has to be dewberries. I still got to get rid of it. I have hit that stuff with poison ivy killer and other herbicides and it keeps on coming back. I am beginning to think gasoline the area.

riverwalker said...

Great pics Bitmap! Fortunately, I'm not allergic to poison ivy or poison oak.

To: Wyn

Use some vinegar on those weeds to get rid of them.

Bitmap said...

RW, I didn't start reacting to it until I was about 35. Things sometimes change as you get older. I seem to be having more and more allergies as I get older.


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