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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The UN and homeschooling

My advice to these people is to put down the crack pipe.

It's obvious that big government types don't like homeschoolers because homeschoolers don't teach their children that big government is good and all that kind of nonsense. Big government types don't want the peasants getting any ideas about independent thought or anything like that.

We're homeschooling and I'm sure the UN wouldn't approve of a lot of the things that we teach our children.

Ask my kids "What do you say when the government wants to take away your guns?" and the answer is "NO!!!"

Ask my kids why people from the government want to take away our guns and they will say "To make us helpless."

When we were studying geogrophy a while back their task was to learn the names and capitols of all 50 states and what the state was known for. When I pointed to MA on the map my then 8yo said "Boston, Massachusetts. That's the place where the guy drove into the water and then went to a party and left the girl to die."

If you ask them what is the least efficient way to accomplish anything they will tell you "Have the government do it."

You can see why the UN and the federal government wouldn't like us homeschooling. I also suspect that this treaty won't be approved by 2/3 of the senate.

I'm off to spray paint the steel plate targets at the gun range "UN helmet Blue".

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