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Thursday, June 18, 2009

We've got plums

We planted two plum trees in the front yard about three years ago. They put on a few plums the last two years. This year they came on strong. One tree is almost overloaded even after high winds blew a bunch of plums off it during two different storms.

Here is one bunch of plums. There were more but the kids have been eating them. The space alien in the background is a clay pottery piece my better half made.

Good stuff.

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Paladin said...

My Mrs. caught the jelly making bug last year. That's part of the reason I had to build a jelly cupboard this year - advance planning for all the canning and jelly making.

I enjoy looking at the pictures of your place. The trees look really good. I'm gonna have to think about getting back into raising a few rabbits, thanks to you :) It's not too much of a pain if you set it up right.


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