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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More people raising chickens is a good sign

It's a sign that at least some people are waking up and realizing that people are responsible for their own safety and survival. Not the government. Not Red Cross. Not Walmart.

Here is the link.

I am glad to see this. I wish more people in urban and suburban areas would raise chickens. When people start providing some of their own food they start to get the idea that they don't have to be so dependent on the government for all their needs. They might even get the idea that they can take care of themselves in times of crisis.

That is a good thing.


Frank said...

I think one of the problems you run into when you have neighbors is the noise. Chickens are noisy creatures. In the morning when they are getting up, and in the evening when they roost, they make an awful lot of racket.

Bitmap said...

Frank, my experience is that only the roosters are noisy. If hens aren't disturbed they typically cluck around a little and occasionally flap their wings and that's about it. I started with only hens and hardly ever noticed them. Roosters are another story and I wouldn't have them if I had close neighbors unless they were the kind of neighbors to not mind.

Some people may still complain, but it seems to me that hens make a lot less noise than traffic, dogs, and kids in the urban and suburban areas I've been in.

Guinea fowl are another story, too. I think they are always noisy.

If laying hens are too loud then you can always raise rabbits.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Come back and visit again.

Paladin said...

I'd LOVE to keep some chickens. Even bantams or some of the quail for eating/eggs.

The city were I work, which is largely affluent, allows up to a dozen adult chickens to be kept per household. The city were I live, on the other hand, doesn't allow them unless they can be housed over 150 feet from any property line. With our layout, its a no-go.

Bitmap said...

Paladin, couldn't you keep some quail in your house our garage?

Would your city allow you to double up with a neighbor to increase the size of the property that the chickens are on so you could get them far enough away from the property line?

There is bound to be a way.


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