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Thursday, June 25, 2009

State Shutdowns Loom

From the article:

If spending plans aren't approved, state workers may not receive their paychecks and some government offices may shut down.

I strongly suspect that life will go on even without all the state agencies. In fact life would be better in many ways without all the state agencies.

Unfortunately we have gotten our economy hooked on having so many government employees spending our money that this will impact actual businesses.

I say "Let's get on with it and get the pain over with!"

I love this:
Leaders are at odds over how to contend with a deficit that exceeds $3 billion.

The standard advice when your spending exceeds your income is: CUT YOUR SPENDING!!!

I know that these aren't the brightest people but I'd like to think they could understand that.

Here is a good one:
(Governer) Brewer is hoping lawmakers will send her a budget before Arizona has to start shutting down non-essential state services.

Am I the only person in the nation that thinks ALL non-essential state services should be shut down permanently? Why is a state spending people's money on things that aren't essential?

I'd better get off this topic.

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