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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've been slow getting to the story of the muslim shooter

When I first heard about this I thought ROP. I was suspiciouscious when none of the news articles included the race or name of the suspect. Then I read the the attacker might have "had a religious motivation" for the crime I was certain.

From the article:

A prosecutor said Muhammad admitted shooting Long and another soldier "because of what they had done to Muslims in the past."

Also according to the article the suspect

. . . studied jihad with an Islamic scholar, according to Jihadwatch.org.

If he is convicted at least we don't have to worry about another violent felon being converted to islam.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the guy had gone to Yemem to study in a Wahabi madarasa, but wasn't considered a threat by the intelligence services when he came back. I guess they are too busy checking out gun owners, church goers, pro-life people, vets and other political undesirables. But this will just "disappear" because (1) the guy is black and (2) he's Islamic.

Bitmap said...

I was wondering if he would get a Presidential Pardon.

Now I'll take off my tinfoil hat.

Ron Russell said...

The story of the Little Rock terrorist attack is being under-reported by the MSM. That said the most disturbing thing is the failure of Obama and DOJ to mention this, as they quickly did in the case of Dr Tiller. Not only did they quickly condemn the Tiller act, but acted without hestitation to send federal marshals to protect abortion clinics throughout the U.S. Where, I ask, is the protection for unarmed U.S. military recruiters operating in the major cities. Do we have to have another such attack before the President acts. His response and is totally unacceptable and he will have to answer for any successful attack on recruiter in the future. This command-in-chief is MIA on this, but finding time to consort with his Islamic friends in Saudi Arabia and Egypt while the family of Pvt. William A. Long is preparing to pay their last respects to their son. A son who was killed on American soil by Islamic terrorist while the so-called commander-in-chief remains silent. He is showing total disrepect for the military and must be held accountable.

The president will without a doubt make some comments on this incident when he returns from his trip, saying something like--"I had to wait until we had all the fact", or someother spin. Protection must now be given to military recruiters just as its given to abortion clinics. Failure to do so would be criminal and a reason for impeachment. I also posted on this today.


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