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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So N. Korean missiles could be upgraded to reach the US.

Here is the link.

It's a short one so I'll just put it all here:

The Pentagon's second-in-command says North Korea's missiles could threaten the continental United States if the reclusive rogue nation continues to develop its weapons.

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn agreed with an assessment by Sen. John McCain that the U.S. should be prepared for a "worst-case scenario" with North Korea.

Pentagon officials also told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that North Korea is working with other nations, including Iran and potentially Syria, to develop ballistic missiles.

Not that this is really news. When a dictator decides he wants to run with the big dogs there are two outcomes:

1. He develops ICBMs to deliver his nuclear weapons.


2. The big dogs put him in his place before he develops the missiles and/or warheads.

Which do you think this President will push for? They already have at least entry level nuclear warheads. Can we stop them from getting or developing missiles capable of reaching the US? Will we even make a serious effort to stop them?

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