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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Misc pics

The kids found this nest in the yard. My better half put some toys around it we wouldn't mow it.

Here is the almost finished chicken cage. I told my wife she needed to add another hinge or move the center one down. You can see the door is sagging a little. We haven't had time. I still need to put the wheels on it, too.

Here is some meat on the paw. Or maybe it is meat on the stomach. We have a pen built in the yard and let one of the rabbits out in it each day.

Here I am putting my best foot forward. Or maybe showing my best side.


Paladin said...

Nice bunny. When J and I first got married, we kept a New Zealand buck and a couple of Californian does. We crossbred them for meat rabbits. Rabbit & Dumplings is good, but my favorite was braised rabbit served on a bed of rice with brown gravy... MMmmmmmmm.

Bitmap said...

I'm a dumpling man myself.

These are supposed to be ready to breed in August. We've got two bucks and three does and all are Californian Whites.


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