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Thursday, June 25, 2009

If the President's wife wants to have an impact . . .

. . . then she should get herself elected to some office somewhere.

From the article:

For weeks, Michelle Obama had been telling her staff and closest confidantes that she wasn't having the impact she wanted.

I guess that making people want to puke was not the impact she wanted. Too bad.

You can count on the Washington Post to gush love and kisses on a liberal ivy league lawyer.

Some more nonsense from the article:
She is a woman of substance, with a background in law, public policy and management, who found herself relegated to role model in chief. The West Wing of the White House -- the fulcrum of power and policy -- had not fully integrated her into its agenda. She wanted more.
A "woman of substance"? She's a lawyer but I wasn't aware that being a lawyer turned you into a "woman of substance". I guess you learn something new every day.

I wish she would be relegated to making the President a sammich and bringing him a beer. She'd do less damage to the nation that way.

Continuing from the article:

Although Obama's job-approval ratings have soared, the first lady -- a Harvard-educated lawyer -- wasn't satisfied with coasting.
That is sort of a double whammy. The President's job-approval ratings have soared? I didn't know that. I thought people were actually starting to wake up. Of course the writer had to throw in the little attempt to inspire awe in the peons from flyover country by bringing up the lawyer business again.

Ooh! A "Harvard-educated lawyer"!!! OMG!! Can I touch you? No, if I tried the SS would declare me a terrorist and lock me up. Besides, I wouldn't want to get my hand dirty. She's got her little photo-op garden and a staff of people working full time to make it look nice in the pics. I'll bet she ran from the last photo-op to to the shower to get the dirt off her hands.

More from the article:

The president's advisers acknowledge that Michelle Obama was ill-served in the early days of the 2008 campaign, when opponents were able to portray her as unpatriotic, haughty and a caricature of an angry black woman. She was horrified to learn that she had become a liability to the candidate for saying that for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country.

I thought she pretty well portrayed herself as a haughty, anti-American, liberal, angry black woman. When your opponent is making a fool out of herself the best thing you can do is sit back and let them. She didn't need anyone's help to look like a jerk.

Don't you love this:

Obama took another step toward re-creating her Chicago life on a world stage.
If there is any way to make Washington, D.C. life any worse and more corrupt it is to inject Chicago life into it.

Here is another bit of nonsense:

At work, Obama runs her office like a business in which she is chief executive.
The obvious difference between how this chick runs "her" office and how a real chief executive runs a business is that a real executive has to actually show a profit.

This entire article is just a big wet kiss to the President and his wife from the leftwing media. Apparently hussein is not the only person in the White House that can walk on water.

I haven't seen this kind of ridiculous groveling since hillary was the President's wife.



Wyn Boniface said...

Why are we paying for her to have a staff? Nobody voted for her.

Bitmap said...

I know. I asked that question earlier. As long as her staff is paid out of her salary (does she still have a job?) or the President's salary then I have no problem with it.

The American people should NOT pay for a staff for the President's spouse.


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