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Monday, June 15, 2009

Homemade target stands

Everyday Prepper had a little bit about homemade target stands and I thought I'd show my version of a homemade target stand.

I made mine out of scrap wood I had and some leftover exterior rated screws from some project or other. Whatever you have available that you don't have to spend money on is best.

I used a table saw to cut the notches in the 2x4 boards. The uprights are whatever I had close to 1x4. I have used scraps of molding but it breaks easily if you get a stray round into it. Plywood works best for the uprights because it usually doesn't break when hit. A power drill and a staple gun rounded out the tools I used. I think you can figure out how to build these from the pics.

Here is the front of one of them when it was taken down for storage or transport. You can see some of the wood was weathered and even rotten in a few places but it still works fine for this.

Here is the back of one taken down.

Here is the front of one set up.

Here is the back.

This is the result of a little spare time.

I didn't spend a lot of time trying to make them all perfect or look nice and professional. We've all seen the video of the guy saying "I'm the only one professional enough . . . " I made as few cuts as possible and used whatever lengths of wood I had and also tried to use whatever size cardboard I had so I didn't have to cut that up either. Some pieces are different lengths but they all hold targets. You only need one cross piece on the bottom to hold up the target unless it is a very windy day. When I'm in West Texas I frequently have to put a piece of old PTO shaft across the bottom to keep the wind from blowing them over. You can obviously make them as tall and wide as you want.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot better than mine. I just nail a piece of old plywood to a tree and shoot at a target stapled to that. Sometimes I hang old pots and pans or coffee cans in the trees and shoot them.

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