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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ridding the country of illegals is the federal government's job

The director of ICE actually said that. LOL. Then why don't they do it?

Here is your link.

From the article:
The director of the nation's immigration enforcement agency says states should not follow Arizona's lead and enact strict new immigration laws because ridding the country of illegal immigrants is the federal government's job.
Director John Morton says he doesn't think 50 different immigration enforcement laws is the answer to the nation's immigration troubles.

Evidently this John Morton is another one who hasn't read the AZ law but wants you to think he's an expert on it. He thinks you are too stupid to know what he's full of.

Are you angry, yet? Will you be able to hold on to that anger until November?

For that matter, will the federal government grant permanent amnesty to anyone that can get across the border by the end of December? That would be one way of "fixing" the AZ law, from the point of view of the current congress and current Presidential administration.

I'll bet if they announced that in July then we could have another 20 million new democrats by New Year's on top of the 20 million we already have here.

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