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Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting on a comercial airliner just became more of a pain in the behind.

Here is your link.

Basically the DHS issued a warning to law enforcement agencies that they believe terrorists have a renewed interest in planting bombs in luggage among other places.

A bomb may never be set off but we will all pay the price.

For that matter there doesn't have to be a bomb. Just continuous threats phoned or emailed to airlines or authorities. Fake threats don't cost anything and don't have to be directed at airlines. Malls, concerts, movie theaters, parades, sporting events, and almost anything else would be shut down as certainly as an airport would be.

The creeps could make it more realistic. Some camel jockey could pull the guts out of an old stereo or PC that he found in a dumpster, add a few pieces of PVC pipe, wrap the mess of junk in a walmart bag and drop it at almost any public place. Then use a prepaid phone to call in a threat. If the perp wants to spend even less money he could ask to borrow a phone in a store claiming that his phone battery died and he needs to call his wife and tell her to pick up the kids from school or whatever. If you did that at a big concert or sporting event there really could be casualties if the crowd panicked trying to get out.

If these wackos are ever successful at setting off a bomb in the checked baggage of an airline I wonder what the chances are that they will come into this country illegally across the southern border.


Paladin said...

The State Capitol in Austin had to be evacuated because of a phoned in bomb threat today. Turned out to be nothing. Same thing happened a couple of weeks ago. You're right - its a cheap way for a-holes to throw monkey wrenches into the works.

Mayberry said...

For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want to board an airliner these days. I will not subject myself to that ridiculous security nightmare...


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