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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have you seen a bunch of new road signs around lately?

A couple of weeks ago we took a road trip and and my better half commented on all the new road signs. Every old sign showing the highway number, speed limit, or warning sign about an upcoming curve had a new sign planted within ten feet of it. We saw a couple of crews out installing the new signs. The old signs weren't damaged that I could see and they still reflected.

I told her it was probably federal money that had to be spent so the budget wouldn't be cut for next year.

Looks like I was close to the mark. Seems that lots of signs are being put up with the so-called "stimulus" money.

According to this article there was one sign put up that cost $10,000. For one sign!!!! The signs I saw weren't so extravagant. They were normal signs but it looked to me like the state was spending a lot of money to replace every sign whether it needed to be replaced or not. This at a time with large budget deficits predicted.

My suspicion is that the money spent on these signs is coming from you and me by way of the federal government and it is specifically for signs. No signs, no money. So the state pays it's sign crews to put up signs.

I've got a great new idea. Why doesn't the federal government pay a bunch of SEIU creeps to go around and break every window in every city and town in the USA? That would stimulate the economy wouldn't it? Maybe while the federal goons are at it they could just burn all the vacant houses to the ground. That would solve the issue we have with surplus housing driving home prices down.

I think I might get into this whole "obamunism" thing after all.

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