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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I thought liberals LIKED higher taxes - I guess not for themselves

Look out John Kerry. Your hypocrisy is showing.

While John Kerry wants you to pay more in taxes he doesn't seem to think he should have to. This guy who is a member of what is supposedly the party of the little guy doesn't want to pay the MA state taxes on his little boat. Little boat? It's a 76 footer worth millions of dollars.

Poor baby doesn't think he should have to pay taxes on it. Paying taxes if for suckers and peons.

I like being able to avoid taxes. I like buying stuff out of state or from individuals so I can avoid paying taxes. I'd probably better hide my dog after saying that because a SWAT team will probably kick in my doors to collect what I've been holding back.

The reason I'm pointing out Kerry trying to avoid taxes is that he supports higher taxes. For everyone except himself. That is a standard liberal point of view. Kind of like one of the socialists at work who was complaining about how difficult it is to use the pre-tax health savings plan. Socialists shouldn't be in a plan that lets them reduce their taxes.

Kerry likes higher taxes so much he should not only pay the full amount on that boat but he should be paying an extra $1 million per year to the state as a voluntary personal tax increase.

I've got an idea for a new federal law. I don't generally think there should be more federal laws but it is needed in this case. Here is my proposal:

If a congressman or senator votes for a tax increase he must prove that he has paid either an extra 10% of his gross income beyond his regular income tax or 10% of his overall wealth, whichever is greater, every year for the five years preceding the vote. If the congressman or senator cannot provide this proof then his vote in favor of the tax increase is invalid and will not be counted.

As far as I'm concerned, if you want to raise my taxes then you need to pay more. A LOT more.


chinasyndrome said...

Right on Bro.I like your new law.I second that motion!Funny ain't it how they always raise ours,then we find out they haven't paid theirs.Soon the middle class will have no more money,who pays then?


Mayberry said...

They're ALL a bunch of hipocrites. Hey, I say follow the "leader" myself. Dodging taxes not only saves you money, it's fun! Damn, I think I hear a helicopter...


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