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Monday, July 19, 2010

Firms Cancel Health Coverage - What did you expect?

I think I, among others, predicted this.

When the government forces people with an income to pay for health insurance for other people that don't have private insurance, pretty soon there won't be any private insurance. Companies will drop insurance as a cost saving measure and employees will go on the socialized plan. As more companies drop coverage the private health insurance companies will start going out of business which puts more people out of work and on the socialized plan. Revenue goes down while costs go up. Soon there will be a "crisis". Of course the federal government will be happy to step in and "solve" the problem it created with higher taxes, more regulations, while the quality of care goes down.

There is nothing so bad that a large dose of federal government can't make it worse.


LL said...

If you were a young man who was bright and in a position to choose an occupation, would you decide to be a doctor? Keep in mind that the education means vast loans or expenses -- it takes a long time to get there and when you arrive -- the government will decide what you'll be paid.

So you graduate with a first class education, massive debt and no way to make a living.

Hope and change!

I guess we'll need to import a lot more non-English speaking doctors over the next decades.

Bitmap said...

Instead of importing more foreign doctors we'll probably see an increase in the use of webcams and the internet for diagnosis. A PA or RN or something will perform a remote doctor's instructions and you will never see the doctor face to face.

Why should health care be provided in a different manner than support for your PC or customer service from your credit card?

The doctor wouldn't even have to speak English. You could count on the highly trained assistant to translate for you.

Does that make you feel better about the future of health care in the USA?


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