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Monday, July 26, 2010

Isn't this nice - Newspapers suing bloggers

Here you go.

I wondered why one of the forums I frequent has a new restriction on copying and pasting anything from another site, even if the source is given and a link provided to the original. Now I know.

I guess I knew that "newspapers" hated bloggers, and the internet in general. The internet gives people a voice and a means to talk back to the idiots in the LWM and a forum for refuting the nonsense that they spew. That ability to talk back makes them angry. So they look for a way to reassert their supremacy.

I do not think this will work in the long run. The LWM "newspapers" are sort of like a deer that runs away after being shot through the chest - they are finished but they haven't realized it, yet.

I say the LWM is finished, but the federal government could come along and force everyone who has an income in this nation to give them money to keep them afloat. That is a real possibility.


john said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mayberry said...

Oy... Well they can sue me. Let's see, I got some busted shoelaces, a pack of Juicy Fruit, some Bandaids, Computersaurus Rex, holey socks, a wore out tooth brush.....

chinasyndrome said...

Oh crap have guns ever been seized in settlements?They belong to my kids really they do.John huh?


Bitmap said...

Sorry John, my purpose is not to provide free advertising for real estate. If you'd like to pay for ad space that MIGHT be arranged.


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