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Friday, June 25, 2010

White House holds "behind-the-scenes talks" on blanket amnesty for illegals

Well, isn't THIS great.

First paragraph of the article:
The Obama administration has been holding behind-the-scenes talks to determine whether the Department of Homeland Security can unilaterally grant legal status on a mass basis to illegal immigrants, a former Bush administration official who spoke with at least three people involved in those talks told FoxNews.com.
I think that amnesty is a inevitable. The administration will figure out a way to do this. It might not stand up to legal challenge but that would take years. In the meantime we will collect another 20 million illegals or more.


LL said...

barack hussein obama needs to stuff the ballot box for November and he'll do it by any foul means available.

chinasyndrome said...

Damn Bro this post and the one you put up about illegals and fair wages,are just two reasons Hussein needs sent back to kenya,quick.Just disgusting.



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