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Saturday, June 12, 2010

NAACP to protest Tractor Supply Company for Selling Hoes to White People

Leon Jenkins from the NAACP said "It is outrageous that a corporation in America is actually selling hoes! Even worse, the people who are buying these hoes are using them to work in the fields. The owners of these hoes frequently push their heads into the dirt. Nobody should be mistreated like that."

A spokesman for Tractor Supply had no comment.

According to Mr. Jenkins, "After we shut down the sale of hoes at Tractor Supply we are going to go after Walmart. We have heard from a reliable source that they are selling garden hose, soaker hose, and pantyhose."

When asked if he knew what a garden hose was, Mr. Jenkins replied "Are you a racist!?"


This post was inspired by the story of the NAACP protesting Hallmark over the Black Hole graduation card. Here is a link to that story. I was surprised that the Black Hole story wasn't in the entertainment section.


Paladin said...

Ha! What's really funny, is that this story isn't any more ridiculous than the real event. I thought the original was a joke when I first heard it on the radio.

I understand why Hallmark pulled the card, but it really iritates me when stupid bullies like the LA chapter of the NAACP are able to bull their way over normal people just trying to make a living.

I do hate bullies something fierce.

LL said...

The NAACP has been absurd from the outset and this greeting card thing has to be the most outrageous thing I've seen them do.

That the card company would recall the card is cowardly and foolish. They should keep them on the shelves - they'd sell like hot cakes. After I heard the piece on the news, I went out to buy out the inventory and hand them out to graduates. Alas, there were none left.

I am tired of the black thing being rubbed in my face everywhere.

Ken said...

...good one Brother,that belongs on stage somewhere...lol

...i also went to buy those cards...anyway,didn't find any,only got one hallmark store around,so it was a short trip...


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